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botton loading knex rifle help Answered

Hey there,

I'm trying to build a rifle based on the KRISS sub-machine gun

But I'm having trouble building botto-loading magazine (hopper)
Obviously, gravity will not do the job...
I have tried adding a rubber band to pull the rounds (white rods) up, but it ends up making it quite difficult and time consuming to load since you need to try to pull the band back and then load.

My magazine is based off of this design

I have tried adding in a little bolt to pull back the elastic, but it is very difficult due to the small width of the magazine (I am very attached to using white rods)

Can someone make any suggestions, or explain to me how their's work?




10 years ago

2 words - market and research

yes, sounds better than my idea of having a rod parallel to the ammo with some sort of clip on the sides.

hmm, well you could make the mag removable. that would make it easier to load because it would be separate from the gun when you load it. just make sure you make a pin to go in the mag. so you can just push the mag into the gun, pull out the pin and then fire.

Yeah this would probably be your best bet so you could have preloaded magazines. Also I would try using a push loader basically putting a rod with and assortment of connectors from the bottom and then hooking a rubberband around the bottom of the rod to the bottom of the magazine. It looks ugly but it works the best for me.