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box that has 4 led lights-(W-G-R-B)with a separate switch to turn each light on/off, and can run on battery power. Answered

i am looking for a led box to build that is approx. 8-12 inches long, that has four separate colors and switches to control each light (white-green-red-yellow), 2-3 inches wide, and about 1-2 inches deep-similar to a drag racing light, but much, much smaller, and can run on battery power...looking to know exactly what parts to buy and where, and detail directions on how to build this box- i am a teacher and want to use this for my classes...thanks!!!


 Hi, you need to answer Lemonie to get precise information.  As he says, you need 4 switches, 4 resistors, 4 LEDS, wire, plus two 1.5 v AA batteries, and a battery holder.  The in-line battery holder you may have to make--search Instructables for "battery holders."

As a guess, I'd say that 50 ohm resistors would work.  If you can go to Radio Shack (are you in the USA?) or online (such as  http://www.youdoitelectronics.com/products.html) , you can probably get everything you need.  If not,   Anyway, you could get 4 single-pole single-throw (SPST) small toggle switches, a pack of ten 50 ohm resistors, and the LEDs.

I've attached a diagram that shows the LEDs wired in parallel to a battery supplying 3v.  Each LED has its own resistor (R in the diagram) and switch (sw).  Make sure that the long wire on the LED, the positive wire, is wired to the positive side of the battery.

It doesn't matter which side of the LED you put the switch and resistor.


rungdc pix.gif

that looks good....but i left out one important detail when i explained it the first time....can you hook up a separate box that is connected to this light boxwhere i can have the switches on that(wired remote control) with a 2-3 ft. wire attached to it.....the light box would be sitting on a table and i can control it from a distance with the connected wire...hope that explains it...i am in the usa (connecticut)...where would it be cheaper to get these parts-radio shack or online?  thanks!!!

Sure.  Battery to wire to remote box and one side of switches, four wires back from switches to light box with each feeding one resistor/LED pair, other side of those connects to the other side of the battery.

If you only wanted three lights, four-conductor phone cable would probably be the cheapest solution. Since you need five wires, you need to either bundle wires together or find a cable ("category" cable, perhaps) which has five or more conductors.

The circuit is exactly the same; you're just stretching part of it.

(I'm assuming you don't want local switches as well. If you do, hooking them in parallel with the remote switches turns the light on if either switch is on ("or"); hooking them in series turns the light on only if both switches are on ("and"). If you want something like a two-way house light, where the light is on if both switches are thrown the same way and off if thrown in opposite ways, you need to replace the single-throw switches with double-throw and run two wires per switch (eight total rather than five):

     /  +-----+ \
--+                +-----

Some LEDs, wire switches and a battery would be a good start. Where do you think you'll be buying from, and how bright do you need this?