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boyfriend is acting funny Answered

my boyfriend is acting real distant and he's always hiding his phones texts from me. he always has this look on his face like he is upset and i ask him whats wrong and he just says nothing. i think he is cheating on me but i don't know. he also goes outside when he gets a call like he doesn't want me to hear what he is saying. what do i do?


He could be planning a special event for you.


4 years ago

He is obviously a sleeper terrorist who is now receiving instructions from his new cell. if you continue to try and eavesdrop he will be forced to arrange for you to have a bad acident in order to preserve his secret life.

Ask him outright.

Yes, he may be cheating on you, but it may be something else, possibly an ill family member he doesn't want to burden you with, or a female friend having troubles and he's trying to avoid you getting jealous about him helping her (and clearly, making a of it).

Stop beating yourself up about it. Be direct with him about it. May be time to end things.