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broken flexible communication flat plastik stuff soft circuit between camere lenses and it's cpu how 2 fix? Answered

is it fixable or where can I get only the kinda wiring track- soft circuit bettheen cpu of camera and it's lenses SEE ON PICTURES  email: astana.renaud@gmail.com     astan-art-fx


I just ran into a similar situation with my late/great cell phone. dropped it and the case broke, sheering all the connections on the flexible PCB from the base to the fliptop.  I gave it a good lookover and gave up. I could probably fix it if we were at war or the world ended, but it's simply too much of a pita to think about.

As Grathio sagely points out, it's quite possible that you didn't actually break anything. from the photo, it looks like a clean edge and possibly just needs to be reseated and fastened using a non conductive adhesive (or even a conductive adhesive...idk)

a few higher resolution photos would help see the area(s) better, but I guess your real camera is the subject of this query, so I don't know if that's a possibility...

It's really hard to tell from the photo (Not your fault though, your camera is broken) but it sounds like you're talking about a kapton trace connector. (Clear brown flexible plastic with some copper traces on it.)  If you've actually broken/ripped it then the only fix is to buy a replacement. Try Googling your camera model number + "replacement parts" and you might find a replacement that you can order. (Or see if someone is selling a broken one on eBay or Craigslist that you can salvage for parts.)

It might have just come out of its connector.  Parts like this are usually held with tiny friction fit connectors at each end.  If you're really careful you can push them back in.

What are we looking at here? Did you take the camera apart and break it, or did it break and then you took it apart?