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building a guitar Answered

I am trying to build a guitar body, and i dont know if laminating the wood for it would work, or just a solid piece. also, what type wood should should i use? and how should i drill the cavities? and how should i mount the pickups?? what type paint should i use? should i use primer? what type of primer? 


true but not the type i want to build. i do not want it to have a pickguard, because it makes it look very plastic-ish. THANK YOU ALL!!!


7 years ago

Acoustic: Idaho spruce, and nothing else. I'm assuming electric, though.

Any moderately dense wood will work. Solid will be expensive, laminated much cheaper. Drill with a hand drill, electric (cordless or corded) drill motor and bit, or drill press. Spend a couple bucks more for a good Forstner bit.  Electrics guitars are forgiving. Why paint? Why primer? Why not stain and some type of clear-coat? What color do you want it to be? My guitar hero is Dan Reeder (master of the "trash guitar" literally built out of trash), although I grew up in the same small town as A. L. Smart (master acoustic luthier ), often bothered him at his shop, ogled his tools (as dirty as it sounds) and went to school with his kids. He mostly builds mandolins, but his stuff is top notch, with a 3-5 year waiting list for instruments.
I have no suggestions about pickups.

Mine is made from birch. It was the cheapest one in the shop. Not a good idea, actually, but it makes sounds ('noises' on two strings)


7 years ago

There is little association of instrument quality with wood type. Choose a wood that has nice close straight grain because it's easy to work with and is cheap enough for you to start work as soon as possible.

You know, the interwebs are full of information about making guitars, electric and acoustic. Have a look around and come back with specific follow-up questions.

This is more of a burning question: How to make a guitar almost totally from scratch - https://www.instructables.com/id/Build-Your-Own-Electric-Guitar!/ already explains it.