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building a small compressed air Answered

Just wondering if anyone has seen an attachment to a CO2 cartridge, where you can spray like a compressed air can for a computer?
Where this activates when you press on a tire.
Has anyone seen an attachment where you can press a button and get a stream of air like a compressed air can?




9 years ago

Yup. Take your CO2 cartridge, the inflator you posted a link to, and one of those needle-style attachments for inflating basketballs. The needle attachment should push down the valve in the inflator so that you can shoot a stream of air whenever the button on the inflator is pushed.

if by a CO2 cartridge you mean those used for pellet guns, that probably won't last very long.

personally I would recommend a blow gun valve (the kind used in auto mechanic shops) you can buy them at any auto parts store as for the actual co2 to blowgun valve hook up your on your own. fidgety2