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c compilier Answered

where can i get a free c compilier because ive been using djggp and its has a limited source bytes i want unlimited source bytes



10 years ago

I guess you need the compiler for windows (as you're using djgpp.)There's always the GPL way (you can use the whole suite of languages in the GCC compiler collection.)

-- MinGW
-- Cygwin

MinGW is the more lightweight of the two (smaller footprint.)

Cygwin is pretty cool--it's a complete port of a Linux-type environment. Even an X Windows server! You can compile a lot of X windows apps without changes... Or run the X app remotely, but have the GUI on your own computer (networked GUIs are integral to X Windows, as so many people were using Unix on a mainframe, but working on terminals...)

You didn't mention if you're programming for GUIs or just shell. If it's a native Windows GUI app, it's a bit harder with these, but it can be done...

Shell progs are simple to make in either. There's a zen to the shell programming environment approach, too-- using Make, etc...

GCC FTW!!! :P I pity the fool who can't run GCC on his Windows box :P

I second Cygwin - that's what was recommended when I took my first university course on programming - and I've used it in almost every other course that required some form of programming (the other class required I use a specific suite that could link up with a lego rcx brick).

You're an old school C man! I am a ++ guy. I use the free C++ express edition for C++. One of my friend's uses the Watcom compiler for C. I don't know about unlimited source bytes, but I heard it was a decent compiler.

wait, c++ compiliers also compile c!


10 years ago

How about installing Processing? As I understand it, that's a sort of simplified C environment that includes gcc, without making you jump through the sort of hoops you'd otherwise have to to get gcc working. (I haven't actually tried it myself, but it's little brother is the arduino environment, which I found pretty neat.)