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camcorder viewfinder pinout Answered

i have recently come across a panasonic wv-vf01 crt viewfinder. i dont know the model camera it 
was from, but i  Would like to drive it. i have already found video, i just need the voltage and pinouts. it has a 6 pin connector. and i plan on hooking the crt to my raspberry pi and show the time on it

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caitlinsdad (author)2013-02-28

I dunno, but browse through the free pdf manual, may be similar enough to help you out. http://www.freeservicemanuals.info/en/servicemanuals/viewmanual/Panasonic/WVP100E/WVP100N/

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devicemodder (author)caitlinsdad2013-03-24

thanks, figured it out on my own

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