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can I make my norcent or nec pc monitor into flat-ish TV Answered

How can I make my norcent pc monitor into a flat-ish TV, aside from buying a composite to vga converter. Already have a Pc to tv converter? is there any way to hack the converter or Huffff...the actually lcd screen?



In general a bare monitor needs a VGA video signal to process BUT in a PC this processing is done on the Mother board or graphics card. You would have to find a way to make that work without the PC, example operating a graphics driver without the PC to do it..

I don't know what sort of signal the graphics card needs probably a digital video signal.

I doubt the converter is hackable without a lot of test equipment and knowledge.

If you can provide a digital video input then the monitor should work OK. To be honest it would be simpler to buy a cheap LCD flat screen TV.

I doubt it - You will need a tuner. The PC card needs the PC to process the signal.

thanks, I have a cs-400, which is pc to tv turner. I'm wondering if I can possibly flip the signal around? (maybe a stretch for my know how) Orrrrrrr.....(while I'm shooting off infinate questions lol) would a Pc moniter with a DVI input work with regular tv input, like with dvd player? or ...........old vcr (for instance)