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can I paint plstic plant containers with yogurt to make them look old? Answered

Painted garden plastic pot using yogurt?


I think you're getting confused with the advice for NEW Terracotta pots, aging them with yogurt puts a rich culture to attract moss and lichens to the bright orange pot. It won't work on plastic, because the surface is too slippery for lichens to bond.


8 years ago

It probably won't work.  It's likely the yogurt won't stick at all, and if it does it'll wash off or get moldy.

What look are you going for, anyway?  Old ceramic, metal, earthenware...?

Why yogurt?

If you insist on a dairy product, I'd go with milk paint -- a verytraditional, but still commercially available, paint which uses thecasein in milk as its binding agent. Websearch will find recipes formixing your own. (The reason so many New England houses and barns arepainted with shades of white, black, red, and green is that these werethe easiest milk paint colors -- black by adding soot, red by addingiron oxide, and green by adding copper oxide. And yes, pastel shades ofthese colors were also perfectly traditional -- there may be many thingswrong with painting a house bright pink, but that isn't one of them.)

If it sticks you may get mould / bacterial gunk, but they'll look"nasty" rather than old. Paint is probably a better option.