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can I reprogram the radios in my cell phone for other uses like walkie talkie or shortwave CB Ham reciever? Answered

Cell phones have radio receivers and transmitters ;  it can receive FM radio, transience Blue tooth, WIFI, and Cell phone radio several bands and frequencies.      It seems to me that those chips could be programmed for other frequencies for transmitting and receiving. 
I haven't researched into how flexible these chips are and if they can be reprogrammed in the smart phone.  Maybe someone else has.


However - IF you can access the internet over your phone you can receive many radio channels at ham frequencies over the web.


5 years ago

Each Cell phone has a transmitter and receiver that
is carefully made to ONLY interface to the cell towers

Otherwise lots of DIYrs would be doing what you want to do
and not paying the service.

If you were part of the design team ....  maybe ...


......and you can work out how to make a 10m antenna fit in the box.....

No, the wavelengths used are wildly different from shortwave or walkie-talkie frequencies. BT, Wifi and Cell, all use microwave frequencies.