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can I use a MOSFET, N, TO-220FP STP4NK60ZFP instead of a MOSFET N-CH 100V 12A TO-220AB? Answered

I'm making a stepper motor driver (link here) and it asks for MOSFET N-CH 100V 12A TO-220AB but I live in Portugal, and in my area there is only one electronics shop, which as only MOSFET, N, TO-220FP STP4NK60ZFP.
in case you want to know I will use 24v 600mA in my stepper motors.


The TO-220 designates the package style of the transistor. The FP is able to dissipate more heat. The one your looking at is a 600V 4A N-ch MOSFET. Not sure if it will work. Looking at the data sheet it needs at least 30V at the gate.

Its fine: the gate threshold is between 3 and 5 volts

You should be able to substitute for that device - you only need a bit of headroom.


Could you resolve the 10Vgs needed by the 600V device,
in light of the 6.3 volt drive of the authors chosen  circuit ?


Looking at the characteristic curve, it'll turn on enough, just.
Not ideal, I'll grant you, but the guy's in a corner.



6 years ago

Substituting a 4 Amp for a 12 Amp will not work even if you exceed
the 100 volt requirement.