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can I use a TV remote to open and close a circuit? Answered

I need to open and close a circuit to open my gate's lock and recently I disassembled a TV's PCB and on it was a Infrared receiver. can I use with a TV remote to close a circuit while pressing?
the receiver I have has the inscriptions:
V69  243


Yes, get an "IR receiver" like this one:

Any pulse stream coming out can be pumped into a capacitor/diode arrangement, and a comparator used to sense the level on the cap.

Clearly you've re-edited the question.

Take a look at the reference I gave and see if that matches what you have.

Other makers include Sharp and Rohm.


here is an image from the receiver


Like I said, a pulse train will appear at Vout when you flash the IR transmitter at the device. Either you can decode that, or you can simply detect the fact its changing to switch an external circuit.

dataasheet here:

Yep if it does Sony commands it is easy if something else a bit harder


Will tell you how: look for the Infrain command.

With the right hardware you can use a TV remote to activate anything you want. All you need is an IR receiver, micro controller (such as an Arduino), possibly some aditional components, and the right code for the arduino to recognize the flashes of IR light the remote gives off. Or any code that will allow the micro controller to learn the IR sequence and assign an action to it.

An Ardunio with IR receiver and a relay to control the circuit would be a simple project. You can find all sorts of IR libraries for the arduino. There is a good chance you will find a library that already has the codes for the brand remote you want to use.

I only need that it keeps the circuit open until any button is pressed, closing the circuit