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can a computer run on water? Answered

Can a pc or laptop run if continuous supply of water is available?


You could get a hydrogen powered engine, separate water in hydrogen and oxygen using your neighbors power behind their back then use the hydrogen with the hydrogen powered engine to turn a generator and plug your computer into that. Or you could just plug your computer into the neighbors house and skip the hydrogen engine and generator.


9 years ago

Fuel Cells. THAT would be awesome. But expensive. I've got a fuelcell, but it's only 5v, and it was like $50

Hydroelectricity? Or some mad steam-punk device with a flow of water being diverted by mechanical valves instead of electricity being switched by transistors?

You've had a good think about this, now I'm thinking about hydraulic logic circuits...thanks


Rubber bladders for capacitors, narrow tubes as resistors..

The display, though...

Ah! make it horizontal, each pixel is a ping-pong ball under a light-weight black flap - the level of water under the ball determines how much ball shows, and hence the brightness of that pixel. OK, it will be a very slow refresh rate, but the whole machine will be slow anyway.

A good think? Hardly - this is entirely off the cuff. I'm good a grand ideas if somebody else has to do the hard work of actually building the thing.

I'm thinking about it, one logic gate maybe, but tomorrow... It's one of those post-apocalyptic Hollywood things (hope they aren't watching or it'll be on the big screens next year...)


After the meteor, all the IT technicians will be trained plumbers. I wonder how they would communicate over distance? Shockwaves through mains waterpipes?

Maybe, or would they be better with gases? L

. The sound of little puffs of exhausted gasses would give it a steampunk feel. Even more so if you used a visible gas. :)

It would. I was thinking of one of those hydraulic ram pumps for a "clock"?
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We've got to stick to the theme - a hydraulic computer would be, if not useful, at least a unique talking point, like that chap who has an electromechanical computer around his office wall.

If you want to electricute yourself!