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can a les paul have 4 tone caps? Answered

my les paul standard has a cap on the tone knob input lug from,there to the tone pots ground modern style wiring. can i add another going to the volume pot output lug 50s style 4 altogether



Best Answer 9 years ago

I'm not aware of any LP wiring, past or present, that used four caps instead of two. The standard "50's style" used just two caps.

Can you add two extra caps to the POTS, using the 50's style wiring? You can, but the 50's POT connections became the GND in "modern style." So you'd have to unsolder the GND connection on the POT and move the GND to the third, unused POT lug.

And all you've really done is add more capacitance (I.E., two caps in parallel equal a larger cap) and modify somewhat how the POT "taper" will respond as it connects those caps to the GND. Since you've added more capacitance, the likely result is you'll just roll off more highs and make the sound muddier.

The RC tone controls on most guitars are simple passive low-pass filters. All you can do is set the cutoff or "corner frequency", which you can do simply by varying the capacitance on the single cap.

They cannot be converted to fancy notch or bandpass filters unless they are "active" (powered) filters...

But can you do it? Sure. I won't tell.

Great response i wasnt sure if i would bleed off more treb or get fried some how.ps. i wish to convert my lp modern wired to 59 wiring spec while leaving the modern wiring intact ie.cap positions

You might be able to switch between the two sets of caps, but you'd also have to switch the GND locations, too. So at least a DPDT switch for each pickup / POT would be needed. Mounting 'em on the front would be a major mod to the guitar. Doesn't seem really easy to mount them on the back access panel, either... Good luck.

to this while keeping the cap that goes to the tone pots shell on the modern one as a ground on tone pot shell of 50s style and remove the wire between the input lug on the vol pot and tone input lug.I think it pulls frequency from the signal not sure where it goes from there except to ground equal to the cap value i think.then replace the wire with a 0.022 mfd cap in the 50s position. (question.... what will the tone cap soldered to ground on the pot shell do?)work as ground or divert too much high frequencies to ground.reasons why is if it will become the ground lug for the 50s style then i'll just leave it there if not i'll solder the lug to ground.very few changes if it works like i hope then i could possibly pan from one wiring to the other ad in between

50sschematiclogoed - Copy.jpg

maybe a slider switch mounted thru the pick guard or fader knob of some kind,or a blender pot ( thru the guard for the available non wood free space and closer at hand) cap choice. left--middle--right?? or in between

I think you'd need more than a single double pole switch to make the change...