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can a plasma globe that requires 12 volts and 500 mAmps be put to 12 volts and 12 Amps? Answered

i have a project idea and need this information before starting.



6 years ago

OK, maybe I am not understanding this correctly but as far as I know its the Volts that matter and not the amps. If you have a higher amperage power supply it won't matter, it will only use the amps it needs. Kind of a waste though to have that capacity and not use it for anything.

Think of it this way:
You have a 12 volt lantern that runs on those square batteries. It will run for 24 hours. If you replace the 12 volt lantern battery with a 12 volt car battery the light you get will still be just as bright. However because the car battery has a lot more amperage potential the lantern might now run for 5 or six days. The light will only use as much amperage as it was designed to use no matter what is available. In the case of a larger battery it will run longer because it has more in reserve. In the case of a power supply it will just ignore the extra capacity and only use what it is designed to use.

The globe needs 12V and will only pull 500mA. If you give it a power supply that offers 12V at up to 12A it will still only pull the 12V @ 500mA. Leaving the rest of the available amperage unused. It won't effect the globe in any way.

If you could provide a little more info as to why the current is taking such a huge jump it could possibly change the answer.

Hmm. From 6 W to 144 W ? What do you think ?