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can a taser re start a heart? Answered

i was talking to a police officer at six flags and the issues about tasers came up and i wanted to ask everyone's opinion if a taser can restart some ones heart


AFAIK medical defibrillation kits discharge a specific voltage at a very specific current so that the normal sinus rhythm can be induced.

Tasers are not built with this in mind, only to incapacitate the victim. But I guess if you were out in the wilds and death was certain and yourmate had a Tazer, would you let him do it? Would *you* give it someone having a heart attack?! lol!

I'll be checking my mates very carefully before I go on a long hike with them in the future!


8 years ago

No. But it can stop one.

No. Wrong voltage. Wrong amperage. Wrong frequency. Wrong timing. Wrong place.

I think we should do a video to prove it doesn't work!