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can a thermoelectric cooler, cool a car cabin? Answered

hello everyone!. i was thinking of making a air cooling system, based on thermoelectric elements. maybe use 3-4 thermoelectric plates (at 12V, i don't want to exceed 30amperes ). do you guys think that it will be enough to cool a car cabin?? or what do you think??

(yes, i know that the same can be achived using the existing technology with ac compressors :P )


Think of it this way - IF this was effecient then electric car manufacturers would do it.

They don't


3 years ago

well, what i had in mind, was, to build a water cooling block, based on thermistors, cause water has beter heat conductivity than normal air. then, i would use that water, to cool the existing parts of the AC (the evaporator) inside the car...

No. You would need way move plates than 3 or 4. I suspect if you did have enough of them together to effectivally cool the car your Alternator whouldn't be able to keep up with the power being drawn.