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can any body help me in the construction of a wind mill ? or can anybody help me to study abt the parts of wind mill ? Answered

can anybody help me to do a study abt the components of the wind mill ?


Make Magazine had a small windmill project in it (I guess technically it's a turbine but it's been a while since I read the article)  It was a couple years ago but I liked that it was real and usable and seemingly inexpensive. It's on my eventual to-do list. 

I think you will find otherpower.com an interesting web site. Their you can find people who share their information.

There is a good website where they are EXPERTS at building wind power and they are hobbyists just like instructables.  go to this website www.fieldlines.com  and do a search on what you want.  they are mostly austrailian guys, so some of their english is a bit odd.

I assume you want to know about a mill (energy transducer) not a turbine (electricity producer). The wind mill essentially is made up of blades which convert wind energy to rotational energy (kind of the opposite of a standing fan, just think of the wind causing the blades to rotate). This energy is then used to turn pumps,mills etc via shafts connected to the blades and through gears. Major parts include, blades, tail, gearing, shafts, towers, reinforcement and if you were building a turbine , a turbine motor Hope this helps a bit. David

Start with http://en.wikipedia.org/, type "windmill" (one word, not two) in the search box. If your teacher doesn't want you copying (stealing) from Wikipedia, then you can scroll down to the bottom of the articles you read, and use the primary sources listed there.

Good luck with your school report!

many highschools actually have programs to run student essays through in order to check for plagiarism. Getting caught could give you a zero.

I know they do in university level, but in highschool...again, harsh. I never plagarized - I just used wikipedia to find the references I needed to get good info in the first place. (everything 'good' on wiki is referenced - get info from those, not the original wiki)

Sit down and THINK about the problem. Write down what YOU think a windmill needs. Cross check that with Google.