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can any one make full knex rock crawler Answered

I Would like to see if any one can make a  rock crawlerout of knex that is 4 wheel drive . and use one motor


dude! you wont believe this! i made one...i put an old helicopter motor in it (remote controlled) one of the wires came off the motor, i keept toutching the wire to where i thaught it would go so i could solder it, then it just went POOF!! up in smoke! i was like mother *$&*#!% peice of *#%!. gah hopefully it wasnt damaged.. if it was i have two motors i could use XD

cant find bakenbitz vid. can you post a link?

Bakenbitz made one and posted a video on youtube, but the motor is old and extremely rare and hard to find right now.

i beleive aarronj made one, using my cv joint idea =P but ya i will try to make one :D

i know he made one and i built it ,the cv  did not do so well and thank u for making one