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can anyone figure this magic trick out Answered

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Best Answer 7 years ago

This isnt the exact trick I thought I would be seeing. There has been a similar rubber band trick around for many years that goes over two fingers instead of one.  I believe this is some variation on that trick.  I'm also guessing it's the trick called "hand jump" described here and explained on the dvd they are selling if it's worth $34 for you to find out.

it is pretty simple it is in my magic book but his is a bit similar

Well, he's certainly good.

I think it's done with a rubber band and a "fake" band that actually does the "jump" from finger to finger except for the last.

I'd love to be in the audience and supply "my" band of a different color and see what happens.

I don't see any other way to get it to jump from finger to finger when we can see the ends of his fingers.

That's how I read it. Half-ring gimmick and a bit of palming. Frankly I think he pushes it a bit too far in the demo and starts giving it away..