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can anyone help me carve a guitar neck? Answered

 im wondering what the steps are. im making my own



7 years ago

I say go for it! Take your time, do your homework. Ask around for advice at some luthier based message boards and get your hands dirty. You could cheat and order one but if you do it yourself you'll be able to look at it and say "I did that" instead of "I did that.....sort of" Isn't that what this site is all about?

 I plan to build a 27-fret neck-through this summer... My friend went to a luthier camp last summer, so he can help me a bit, but I've been doing a lot of studying for a few months...

The best video that I can find is this one by youtube user Virgil605 I've gotten a few ideas from this guy's guitar build.
Beautiful guitar too...

I, personally am buying a pre-cut fingerboard from StewMac (24 frets) then extending it with another blank. (I only have to cut three slots in the neck)

The back of the neck takes even more work.... You start with a square neck, and a large piece of sand paper.... Then you finish with a round neck....

Building a guitar is worth it if it's unique, and you have enough time to put into it to make it perfect.... Besides a router for the cavities, and a mallet for the fret wire, most of should be done by hand.

I completely agree with what the the others below me said. Building a guitar neck is quite a procedure, I'd recommend buying a pre-built one. Or even buying an old guitar and salvaging the neck from it. But building a guitar body is a different story, is much easier (if you have a router), and basically you can make any shape you want.

I'm not trying to be mean but just giving it to you straight.  If someone had told me how hard it would be then I never would have tried.

Take my word for it.  If you have to ask what the steps are then you are about 22-23 tries away from getting even a crude neck.

I've tried and have ordered a built thru body neck from StewMac.

A neck has to be pretty perfect to be playable.  Then you have to set the frets and if you mess up one of the 20-22 frets the whole thing is ruined.

Give in!  Just plop down the money and buy a nice neck and build the rest.  You'll end up with at least a chance to get a playable guitar.  Or better yet if this if your first try, buy a KIT.  That's a nice way to break into building a guitar and be secure in the knowledge that you aren't wasting your money and TIME.

Now, if you plan to spend the rest of your life building guitars, them by all means go to luthers school and learn the correct way of building dem guitars.

You can do what this guy did and order a premade neck, while creating the rest of the guitar yourself.  If you insist on building your own, I would suggest finding one similar to what you want and try to copy the measurements.