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can anyone help me in making an ipod charger? Answered

i want the total circuit design.. and the working of it ..

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astroboy907 (author)2010-09-30

Simply put
An ipod charger can be made with 4aa batteries in series with a 7805 (or equivalent) voltage regulator to take it down to 5 volts. A diode would also be good in that so the ipod will not do anything unexpected. Diodes drop the voltage about .7v, so you could theoretically just run 4aa's and a diode and get 5.3v. I believe USB voltage is 4.75-5.25v, so you would not be going over the limit too much.
A current limiting resistor could be used to keep the current draw under 1amp (current given by an apple sold charger. 500ma is typical powered usb voltage) i have not tested this out/nor do i know anything really about current limiting resistors.
You could also go the hard way and make a voltage/increasing device such as mintyboost. Run times are shorter for these becasue they draw a lot of current, but more convenient, as they usually require less batterys (mintyboost uses 2 AA batterys)
You can also use rechargeable batteries, but it may cut out prematurely becasue rechargeable are usually rated 1.2v, as a=opposed to alkalines (and other type) 1.5v. Your best bet with rechargeable is to use 5 in series. With the method for 4 above.
You can also use different types of batterys. AAAs are more portable, but will run shorter. D sized batterys will run a lot longer, but will be more bulky. Theres other methods, such as adding solar power, or using a single 9 volt battery, but thats a whole other post.

NOTE: I have not tried/tested any of these methods, but there have been a lot of successful stories. If you want more ideas, search how to make an ipod charger on instructables (or google).

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astroboy907 (author)astroboy9072010-09-30

I forgot one small (not really) detail. You have to add a resistor between either Data - and data + on the usb, or data + data -, and v+
Search google for usb pin layout.
Also search google for correct resistor values, this resistor will make your ipod recognize it as a charger.

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astroboy907 (author)astroboy9072010-10-01

Forgot to add the voltage regulator in diagram. It goes after the diode. Make sure your diode is rated at lest 6v @ 1amp, if not more

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astroboy907 (author)astroboy9072010-10-18

and also not that the drawing an pins are not accurate on female usb.. srry about that

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