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can anyone tell me how to change an alternator on a 97 chrysler sebring ? ? Answered




4 years ago

You need to get a book, the car repair manual for your particular model. It will have all the little tricks that you will need to know. For example, to change the alternator on my old Plymouth mini van you have to disconnect it all and then drop it out the bottom behind the engine because there is not enough room to just take it out the top. As stupid as it sounds its the only way to do it with out taking the manifold off.

So, go to Walmart or an auto repair store and get a book. Some libraries also have them but you may not be able to check it out because it is usually a refrence book.

Oh, that's easy! You take the old alternator out. Then you put the new one in.

Probably the only tricky part is re-tensioning the belt. That might involve leaning on the alternator with a big steel bar and tightening a bolt at the same time.

The advice applies to any car, or any other kind of machine containing a belt-driven alternator-generator.

Don't forget to disconnect the battery before you start to remove the old alternator.