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can anyone tell me how to make lite up house numbers? Answered

i want to know if anyone knows how to make a lit up house number w/ or without 110v


If you want to be Techi about it - Make an edge lit sign - using LEDS for outdoor safety.

This hows how.

Making illuminated house numbers shouldn't be too difficult. They are readily available. My neighbour has LED numbers for their house (but I think they look kinda tacky). The better method (which allows the numbers to also be visible during the day), is to build a light box with a plexiglass front. Then get a sheet of black, adhesive vinyl and using a stencil and an exacto blade, cut out the numbers from the vinyl. Stick the vinyl to the inside of the plexiglass box and add a light behind it. When you turn it on, the light will shine through the numbered holes. How you choose to power it, or the type of bulb you use really depends on what you have available (for a power source) and where you intend to mount it.

I hope that helps.