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can compressed gas leak through a metal tank? Answered

so the other day i was talking with my friend and  he told me that gas can leak out of a metal tank.  he said gas can leak out of scuba tank going through the metal just like it goes through a latex balloon.  so i wanna know is this true?  could gas leak out (given enough time) through a 12 gram CO2 tank used for airsoft for instance?




Best Answer 8 years ago

Alloy-rims are porous, that's why they are lacquered.
Helium & Hydrogen are small and "difficult", but CO2 is big and heavy - it's not going to leak through steel.


exept if you modified the gas tank, it is made so well that it is not suposed to leak. although, when the gas tank is connected, it can leak a little.

I'm almost sure I recall something about both hydrogen and helium being able to do so, at least thru aluminum and likely other metals as well. Grab your electron microscope and have a look. metal isn't quite as solid as one might think, and many are downright spongy..