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can home pressed briguets make a reasonable fuel source to heat my home Answered

I  live in a  rural area   and  are  trying to   do my  part for the enviroment. My question is   for  my   wood water stove i was  intending on  installing to heat  my  house has  anyone attempted to fuel  a  stove  with    briquets   made from  grass ,saw dust,leaves,  paper and    other    biodegradable   materials   ina home press  ? I  know i can make them  , but  dont   know  how the   burn time   or    burn heat  would  be. 

I am always trying to make  use of  something i throw  away .  I  have teh means to make a press  and    have   plenty fo   bio degradable  materail laying  around   that is normally  discarded.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Pressed hard, and left for long enough to dry (weeks? months? Think "curing logs"), they should be fine. Don't forget to take pictures as you build your press, and then write up a decent instructable.

tyhnaks alot fo r the info. I was unsure if i could get consistenacy that would allow a slow burn like wood. When i do make another press i will be sure and post it. thanks

If it burns well enough you can do it. This is more of a "try it and see" than a question someone can answer for your stove & fuel.


There is a "briquetting" group on Yahoo, which is pretty helpful.