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can i attach pics from internet? Answered

can i use idea from internet and pictures from internet
does it works pics from internet ??

for contest 


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janw (author)2013-12-17

You should be original and use your own ideas. The people who judge these contests are all people who make stuff and check out stuff other people made. So they can immediatly see when someone talks about his/her own build or not. Besides, you don't have to build the biggest, most expensive, most intricate project to win a prize in a contest on instructables. Judges will look for originality, great ideas, clearly written explanations, etc.... Often those tiny projects that solve a small everyday problem in an original way make it into the list of finalists.

So be yourself, write your own stuff and get that prize!

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mpilchfamily (author)2013-12-03

If your creating an instructable you should be using your own pics and your own ideas. Don't go plagiarizing other's ideas, images and documentation. If you try to use copy righted images then they will be removed.

To more specifically answer your question. To use an image from another site on this site you'll need to save it to your PC then upload it to the site. Or you can post a link to that image.

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so if i use my idea and pics from net by using snipping tool on windows 7
is this is correct bcoz i want to take part in rasberry pi contest i do not have rasberry pi
and i kno about it
so can i use net pics and my idea

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bwrussell (author)Mahir Asrani2013-12-04

How can you be sure your idea actually works if you never have done it? How can you recommend others do it if you yourself haven't tried? That is still stealing. There are places to get images that are free to use, typically with the condition that you give credit to the content creator.

Save yourself some time though, you are not going to win a contest with a Instructable made from stolen, or even properly used, pictures from the internet that you have never tried yourself. There are a ton of crazy projects already that people have actually done that will beat you out. I don't mean to be harsh, just honest. By all means buy a Pi and make your Instructable with your own pictures and experience and submit that.

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Kiteman (author)Mahir Asrani2013-12-04

No, you must use your own images, or images to which you have a legal right or permission to use.

If you just google images and edit them, that is not allowed.

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