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can i block the singing part in a song to just hear the instruments? Answered

i was wondering if its possible to use a mixer to cancel out the singing in a song so that you can only hear the instruments? i want to listen to the different instrumenst so that i can learn how to play the part just by listening, but its kind of difficult with the singing as the main sound. and if you can, is it a certaing type of mixer that you can connect to a computer?


This method only works when the vocal is mixed to be center stage.

If the recording has already been mixed into a single track, you can't do that filtering without some high-end software.  If you have a multi-track recording, then you can turn off the vocal track.

Alternatively, you can check online music sites (including iTunes) for "karaoke" versions of the song.  Those often have just the instrumental tracks from the original version, but (obviously :-) leave out the vocals.

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8 years ago

Maybe, it depends to a large degree on the way the song was recorded. If the vocals are recored on a separate track, you can mute or delete that track using Audacity. If the vocal track is mixed with some or all the instruments, then you will lose those instruments too.
There may be a way to selectively reduce or mute the vocals on a mixed track but I'm not proficient enough with Audacity to say for certain.
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