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can i convert my old wah pedal to a distrotion pedal that slowly brings the effect in? Answered

i'm wanting to convert my old Vox wah in to a distortion pedal that works like a wha but insteed of "wah-ing" i slowly brings in the distortion as i sweep the pedal. it needs to be true-bypass so is goes from clean tone to "dirty" without having the 'click' of a regular distortion pedal.Thanks


i know im a little late for this, but what you need to do is take all the guts out of your distortion pedal, and put them into your wah enclosure (wah guts removed of course, you will probably have to drill a couple holes for your tone pot, ect) if your distortion has the same type of footswitch that the wah uses, just put it in, if not, youll have to resolder your distortion guts to the wah switch (schematics can be found online for this) and put the pot that controls the distortion in place of the one in the wah. hope this makes sense. now that you mention it, i think i might try this:)


9 years ago

Instead of making it into a distortion pedal, turn it into a volume pedal and put it right after the distortion box in the lineup.


9 years ago

You could try the "mix" approach suggested by caitlinsdad, maybe that give you the sound you're looking for. It has one advantage--you could adjust the level of each signal before the mixer pretty easily.

The major problem is that mixing "half clean" and "half distorted" doesn't equal "halfway distorted." That's a totally different sound. But hey--maybe it's exactly what you're looking for.

Other than that, you'd need pedal that raises the gain of the distortion while dropping overall volume at the same time.

I think the best bet would be to research other pedals that did this (Morley, etc.) Here's a starting point: DiscoFreq's site, section on foot-controlled fx (some should have schematics.)

Good luck!

I would think you need a more complex crossfading type of volume pedal - the distortion is set to the desired tone/level mixed in with the clean signal. You can go from clean to fully distorted. I think if you gradually increase the gain to get distortion, you may have a different effect than what you describe. Good luck.