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can i get a apple id freee? Answered




In case I wasn't clear, getting an Apple ID is FREE. No Credit Card needed.

Just fill out the form at Apple (in the link above), and you're done!

I was pretty sure that the dev. Accounts didn't need credit card info, but it looks like maybe the regular accounts don't require one anymore either based on the comment below.

And regarding that checkbox... I wouldn't broadcast that to the world if I were you... (la la la I didn't hear/read that!!!!!) ;)

This gets asked every couple of months. Always by someone new to the site that appears to have signed up just to ask this.

Simple answer, just sign up and select NONE as the payment type. There's even an instructable addressing this.

An Apple ID is free, but it requires a credit card. So based on your question, I am assuming that you are asking how to get an Apple ID without a credit card. Correct? In that case, 1. Learn how to ask what you actually want to know, and 2. visit the site below:
I am told that developer accounts do not require credit cards... but I have never tried it out myself.
3. Stop using SMS abbreviations when you can type the whole word out please... it is really annoying for some of us to read that... if you want help, ask for it the right way.  If you are giving help, then you can type it however you want.