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can i have a simple lesson on electronics so i can build an amp? Answered

so of just basic knowledge like "what are capcitors? stuff like that...I'm a begginer!


try getting a beginner`s eletronic book!!! it will explain everything very well and may even have some easy projects and how to solder e.c.t...!!! hope this helped!!! cm

Hmm... I just re-read my instructable and realized I didn't include some stuff that you wanted. Check the comments, but the instructable is still good for basic instructions and some stuff like that. But I'll briefly explain a few things... Voltage vs. Amperage. Imagine a hose. Voltage is the flow rate (think PSI) while amperage is the amount of water in any given spot. Watts-Volts*Amps. Total flow. Resistor-Think a kink in the hose. Not stopping the flow, but lowering the amperage. Capacitor-Think instant charge/instant release battery. But not quite instant. Pretty close though. They give nasty shocks if they're big enough. Search instructables for disposable camera taser and you'll get what I'm saying. Diode-Think a bypass in the hose. Only lets a certain amount of water to get to the exit, while the rest is drained. Except it is more of a hole in the hose, as you do not usually wire a diode directly through the circuit, it is attached to a wire and the other end is attached to ground. Useful for clipping. Ground-What everything has to be connected to. Really, the easiest way to wire to ground is to attach all wires supposed to be grounded to a copper wire. It's that easy. See my instructable for an example. For sound and wave related things, see my instructable. Don't ask me about tubes, I have no idea. I'm sure I missed stuff, and I'm no electrical engineer, but if you need an answer fast (probably not very detailed though) just PM me.

If you just want to build an amp, use the search box (top right of every page) to find an Instructable that you feel you could follow easily.