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can i increase current in a ac current without decreasing voltage? Answered

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lohithg (author)2011-11-07

I thought i can increase wattage by placing three coils in the following way

/ / /
L m n
among them 'L' as primary and m,n as secondary so that when electricity is passed through L magnetic lines of force from that coil induces current to 'm'.as electricity passes through 'm' it again sends magnetic lines of force inducing current in 'n'.so that connecting 'm' , 'n' in parallel or series will give me increased wattage

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iceng (author)lohithg2011-11-07

The process of adding more coils can increase voltage in series or
increase current  in parallel but the wattage power out of a single or
summed across any  number of secondaries can never exceed the
Primary (L) power in watts.

I see a dangerous leaning to magic solutions in your thinking lohithg  :-)
Would you not think if that was possible the millions of intellects since
Nikola Tesla would have tried and published ?

You Can't Get Something For Nothing .   .  .  .  .  .  Except in politics :-)

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Re-design (author)2011-11-05

Thicker wire will have less resistance and you will have more current but you'd need lab quality equipment to notice the difference.

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iceng (author)2011-11-05

I don't think you can, because that is a power out issue and is limited by the
semiconductors in the design.
You would have to increase the semiconductor count to increase the power.


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Jack A Lopez (author)2011-11-05

Yes. I mean no. Well, I mean, it depends on what you're talking about.

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