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can i make a bicycle trailer with small kids bicycle wheels and a lawmower walk behind handle? Answered

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7 years ago

The bicycle wheels would certainly work for the trailer and the lawnmower handle could be useful depending upon what you intend to use it for.
All you need do figure out how to put them together with other components to make a complete trailer.

i combined the wheels and frame together but i dont now how can i attach it to my bicycle

>>>>> look here >>>>>>>

I wouldn't use kids bicycle wheels for something that you intended to pull behind a car. I doubt that the tires and the bearings in the wheels are up to that level of road use.

I assume you want to use the lawnmower handle as some kind of hitch. I suppose that there is a way to make that workable.

I'm pretty sure he is talking about making a trailer that is pulled by a bicycle.