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can i make a cd ir laser solderer? Answered

iv seen a lot of projects using dvd red lasers to light matches and other cool stuff. a lot of faqs for almost all of these projects had the "can i use a cd diode" question and the universal response was "cd uses ir so u could be almost instantly blinded without knowing it" but military lasers used to safely blow up mines, pipe bombs, ect from far away (awesome!) are ir. are people saying no ir because of morons that would not only use it without goggles, but would also show their friends it lighting a match while invisibly damaging their eyes, or is there another reason why dvd readers and cd readers and writers shouldn't be used? also, is there any easy way to combine and focus multiple laser diodes? if it just takes ir blocking goggles then an ir laser soldering system would be worth it, not to mention pretty kick-ass.


During my own research in laser projects I have found most people use a green laser I believe around 30mW for balloon popping and match lighting, sometimes using a sharpie to paint the object black.

But best safety practices are dependent on various criteria including wave length but a great place to wrap your head around what power levels are going to be safe to play with can be found here: Wikipedia Link

And This book on Amazon also has some excellent laser theory info and schematics for several lasers including a C02 Cutting Laser.

 I almost forgot, there are plenty of 1W IR laser diodes to be had on eBay capable of melting plastic.

No. Nowhere near enough power. Which is the other reason all the instructables suggest DVD lasers.

Actually, my understanding was that most "military lasers" were UV. IR is too easily absorbed by moisture in the air, resulting in lost power. Not that there are a lot of military lasers; getting enough power into them to be useful is VERY difficult and expensive, and there are better ways to do almost anything that they might be used for.