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can i make a jet plane (not flying one) just to stand in air like before take off? Answered

i want to make a jet plane, a small one and make it stand in air, just like those jets in military which do not use runway to take off.



How do you mean "to stand in the air?" but not fly. A model?

try Airfix Harrier model.


clearly your not getting me . am talking about warhead planes,which are kept in big ship.and usually they don't have any run way to take off. so there will three nozzle ,2 at wings almost,and 1 at the front. and got gases emerges out of them thorough nozzle,so the jets just come up,and then in the 2nd part the hot gases emerges from the back nozzle just to move it forward.and i just to create model of 1st part

Then I guess the answer is - I doubt it -

Think about How heavy will it be, how long will it b in the air, how much reaction matter will that need , how are you going to make it???

recently i saw that man flying using those jackpack, on the basis am thinking about this.

I never said it can't be done- This may give some idea of the cost though before you go too far

Research ducted fans, model jet engines, model rockets, guidance control, be prepared to spend a lot of time, cash and effort into the build.

Some things to view:







thank you for those links,,,.......and am only one not workin,so i think no problem pf cost perhaps


6 years ago

again   that you can still make the model jet out of low cost
very thin pressurized latex filled with helium gas and
this should do more then just stand in air..

so,what you want me to do . . is any other mechanism for this . .

You're not being very clear about the craft you are trying to recreate - can you post a photo or video?

99% of RC "jets" are actually electric turbofans in ducts, and I strongly recommend you take that route.

If you're planning on fuelling it with H2 & O2, it's not going to hover, it's going either go off like the rocket, or explode as soon as it starts.

Still 99 % ? There seem to a be a lot of real engines out there now.


A number off the top of my head - I've seen a number of RC airshows (there was one at Henham Steam Fair yesterday!), and they have never featured an actual jet engine.

Last couple I went to had several. Weird.

Seen the real ones ? AMAZING bits of model engineering. 110-150,000 RPM


Maybe it's a lack of interest in the local clubs?

I've never seen a small jet running "in the flesh", but I reckon that anybody with a decent machine-shop should be knocking them out in their spare time to generate an alternative revenue stream...

...or at least to annoy as many neighbours as possible.

ya,your right. . . but i am thinking about control flow of the gases. or else am thinking about using any other fuel

For your own safety, given the level of knowledge & expertise you have hinted at in these comments, I STRONGLY recommend you stick with the electric turbofan concept.

please can you explain or send any video or image for turbo fan concept

A "jet" IS an engine.
What you are proposing sounds like an oxy-hydrogen rocket, and there is basically NO way you are going to do that.

ya,i be talking about rocket some what. but jet planes do not have any engine,it is also works on rocket principal only

Jet planes do not use rockets. Jet planes do not use propellers. You will get much more useful information here if you are more careful and accurate with your terminology.

ya, your right. and its just consist of hot pressured gas coming out of propeller. i want to use this only.

What you want to do can be done of course, but not at your level of understanding. It takes advanced control and some very complex mechanical and material engineerin to do it..


ya,your right. . . so is there any other way for this. . .

so,it s just like helicopter . . i will think on this . . thanks. but i want to use that propeller thing only. .

Then its not stable is it ? Gyroscopic forces will beat you .

ya,all am hearing now is that word only. i will think about it. . and also about that you told. have you done it or know any thing more about it,.


6 years ago

Easy enough to do.

Make the model jet out of very thin pressurized latex filled with helium gas.
This should do more then just stand in air..

BTW military jets are launched from an aircraft carrier using a Steam driven
pull cable which accelerates a jet form zero motion to flight speed (100 mph + )
in about a third of the ship's length.

Do you have access to TV programming where you are ?


I think he's talking about a Harrier or other VTOL craft.

am not getting your suggestion. please explain it in simple or briefed . . and what is this tv programming

I apologize but I do not know how explain it in more simple way.

TV => television news

Have you got an engine?


No. and i think i don't need that, i just want to make a model which stand still on air,using propeller exits. am thinking about using two cylinder of hydrogen and oxygen. i don't want that thing to fly,i just want it to stand in air.