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can i make a simple brushless motor controller? 12v pc cooling fan with a red, white and black wire. cant make it run! Answered

hi I need help with a pc cooling fan. i know its brushless and has 3 wires but i dont have a clue what driver/controller i need to make it run. help


if it is a pc cooling fan then it should have a built in controller inside.so simply hook up red in positive black in negative and it will start running and if u want some extra features in it https://www.instructables.com/id/Using-Diodes-for-Fan-Control/ check it out have fun

is there any part number on it? if so google the part number and look for stuff otherwise if you find nothing, it's probably just 12 volts on red, ground on black.

and the white is the speed sense pin. Hook up 12 volts to the fan - it should turn.