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can i make hydrogen sulfide by reacting a sulfide with oxalic acid? Answered

hi, i am trying to make hydrogen sulfide for the purpose of reacting it with ammonium hydroxide to create ammonium sulfide.
however, since my parent think that concentrated hydrochloric acid is too dangerous to work with, especially since i can only get huge 20L bottles of it, i have decided to quest for a new acid to react with calcium polysulfide, to get hydrogen sulfide, thats when i came across solid oxalic acid.

at first glimps, i saw that it said, hazardous, extremely corrosive acid, i thought "yes", this would work, i could react this with the lime sulfur , but then after some research i discoverd that no-one in the history of the world has ever documented the practical reaction of oxalic acid with a sulfide, in order to make hydrogen sulfide.
so i want to ask , will oxalic acid, when mixed with calcium polysulfide, generate hydrogen sulfide?

another reason though i might point out why i dont think oxalic acid will react with calcium polysulfide, is because it is a solid crystal acid, one that does not evapourate into gas like sulfuric or hydrochloric acid, and i cannot find anywhere documented either of non gaseous acids being able to react with calcium sulfide to make hydrogen sulfide, according to what i have found out, only nitric, sulfuric and hydrochloric acids will work. but this is also the reason i want to use oxalic acid over hydrochloric because i want to boil off the hydrogen sulfide through a tube and into concentrated ammonium hydroxide, but if there is hydrochloric acid in the solution, it would very likely boil off as well, which would be something of a hassle.


who ever tells me, whether or not oxalic acid will react with calcium sulfide to produce calcium oxalate and hydrogen sulfide, will get a best answer.
please dont give an off topic answer like "hydrogen sulfide is toxic and you shouldnt make it". i am not asking how toxic hydrogen sulfide is, i am asking wether i can make it with oxalic acid.

An additional question for the chemists . . . What sort of concentration of hydrogen sulphide would you be getting from the greenish liquid in those little stink-bomb vials which you could buy from the toy shop and which would clear a whole classroom in the days before COSHH was invented?

they dont use hydrogen sulfide, they use ammonium sulfide, at least the ones i get online do anyway.

They DIDN'T use hydrogen sulphide, thats for sure, they either used carbon bisulphide or ammonium sulphide

Ah - I've just read the H2S toxicity data. I think you're right there - I didn't realise quite how unpleasant a gas it was. So the classic 'rotten egg' stench isn't necessarily hydrogen sulphide.

You do realise that H2S is incredibly toxic, even in low PPM concentrations don't you ?


.  To make matters worse, H2S is an olfactory anesthetic. When inhaled, even at sub-lethal concentrations, it kills the sense of smell quickly.
.  Do NOT generate/store/use/&c H2S without a LOT of ventilation. Make sure to scrub H2S from the vent gases before releasing so as not to kill the ppl downstream of your exhaust.
.  If you store it, remember that is can be very corrosive. Especially if not dry.
.  Come to think of it, just don't generate/store/use/&c H2S at all. It's really nasty stuff. This is not the way I want to go.

listen, i am asking you if i can make h2s by reacting oxalic acid and calcium sulfide, i already know the toxidicy of h2s ok.

listen, i am taking every precaution, for instance, i am doing the reaction outside, and i am only going to produce 50ml of h2s solution to boil off at a time, im not making huge massive amounts, im doing it safe. ok, besides i am converting it into a less toxic gas ammonium sulfide, simply for the purpose of using in 2ml stink bomb vials .
i understand this stuff is toxic, but then again, so is gasoline vapoures, but you dont see me sealing myself off in a barrel of gasoline vapour do you.
its outside, and in very, very strong sunlight i might add, so any gas that does escape will decompose, or oxidize the moment it does, the stuff i am making is in very small amounts, but that isnt what i am asking, please just tell me, wether or not the calcium polysulfide will convert to hydrogen sulfide, like it does with hydrochloric acid, if i use oxalic acid instead.

.  Listen. You can either take my advise or not; the choice is yours.
.  I'm just an old curmudgeon, so being rude to me is no big deal. Steveastrouk is one of the good guys - don't mess with him.

oh im not, and sorry if i was being rude.
listen, i know for a fact that ammonium sulfide works better , and is safer, to use for stink bombs, thats why im making it, however, i do not have the means to keep alot of hydrochloric acid (10l)in my small 2x2x4 shed mounted on the side of my house, nor do i have the means to dispose of the stuf safely, considering ide only need about 500ml of it anyway, and thats befor i dilute it.
PLEASE LISTEN WHEN I SAY THIS!!! i dont want to you to tell me that h2s is toxic and that i shouldnt make it, and i promise im not going to use it for stink bombs, I AM GOING TO MAKE H2S, ONLY SO THAT I CAN CONVERT IT INTO AMMONIUM SULFIDE, WHICH THEN I WILL USE FOR STINK BOMBS, I HAVE NO INTENTION OF KEEPING OR STORING THE H2S .
please, i have read the toxidicy sheets, i am taking every precaution, i even bought a respirator rated for hydrogen sulfide , for when i was making the stuff to use directly as a stink bomb, in an old abondoned house, because i thought ,and was told, that the stuff could be dangerous. i still have the respirator, and i will use it. though i had no issues befor ei got the respirator, and i was making the hydrogen sulfide just by pouring 60% hydrochloric acid, into a 50ml platic cup, into 20mls of calcium polysulfide, making 30mls of hydrogen sulfide solution, i didnt feel i needed the respirator, until the stink set in, about 20 second safter mixing the chemicals, i couldnt bear it, but i my point is i dont want to hear about what you know about hydrogen sulfide, i know it also.
i am going to make it rgardlessly, its up to you wethe ri make it using hydrochlric acid from a 20$ 10L bottle that i have poured into a 2l bottle half full, then topped with water, then poured the rest of the hydrochloric acid, onto some grass in a feild near wher ei live. im still making it, just tell me wheter or not i can use another acid intead, please!!

yes, and i have made it safely in larger amounts than what i plan to do when i make the ammonium sulfide, im not stupid, im not making 5l solutions of the stuff, or even 100ml solutions of it, i have used the stuff for making stink bombs, which stank rather well for only 2ml vials.
please just tell me if the reaction will work with oxalic acid instead of hydrochloric acid.
the whole reaction is going to go on in a 250ml (only filled to 50mls though), glass vial, wich is on a low heat source, about 80 degrees celcius, this will boil off the hydrogen sulfide into another vial containing concentrated ammonium hydroxide, any exxess gass will then pass into a hot sodium hydroxide solution, to capture most of the exxess h2s, to use later, and then the rest will vest out into alcohol burner at the base of the flame, to burn off the h2s that was not captured before. all of which goes on outside

Sulphide is a strong base, it should work but is there not  better way?