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can i make my CRT monitor as a projector? Answered



My first "Big Screen" TV was exactly that. A very large lens that weighed about 13 pounds and was about 8 inches in diameter. It just sat in a BOX about 15 inches away from the 13 inch TV screen. When i turned the tv brightness all the way up... and turned ALL the lights in the room OFF... i had a GIANT picture (about 4 feet across) on a special curved screen. I thought it was so cool. You can make one in 2 minutes. Just hold a large magnifier lens in front of any bright monitor screen. It will project the image a few feet away in a DARK room The image will be UPSIDE DOWN. This can be corrected by turning the monitor upside down, or by reversing the wiring in the picture tubes "deflection yoke".



You could just as you can project any illuminated picture with a suitable lens BUT It won't be very bright It will nee a BIG lens that may well be expensive.

Back when they were a serious experimenter's supply house (which they stopped being several decades ago, alas), Edmund Scientific had some surplus lens assemblies from CRT-based video projectors, which -- as Rick says -- could be used to get a fairly dim projection from an ordinary display. (They were originally intended for use with separate R, G, and B tubes, each running brighter than a normal monitor.) I think the lenses were something like eight to ten inches in diameter, held in a tube a foot or so long. Other than that... No.