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can i make my own bicycle-light housing out of silicone? Answered

for some small projects like a bicycle light housing, and selfmade handlebar-grips i am searching for the right material to use. i was thinking about using some kind of rubber-like material, probably silicone, so i can wrap it around the handlebar. unfortunately there are many different kinds of silicone to buy, all with different physical and mechanical properties - so i would like to know what silicone would be best for that project? or should i use something else? it should withstand moderate tearing while mounting, and should tolerate rain and sunshine, etc...

thanks for your help!


Sugru would work. Google it and read up on it.
It comes like thin blu-tack (easy to mould) and sets a hard silicone

I'd suggest checking out the Smooth-On website, and maybe contacting them for help. They do have an Encapsulating Silicone formula that is listed as being UV-resistant, and you might get useful info out of the technical bulletins for the various products as well.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Smooth-On in any way, just a satisfied customer. I am sure other companies have suitable products as well, I'm just not familiar with them.

nice website, they have a lot of stuff! maybe i can find something useful there..


Good luck! If it works out, be sure to take pictures and post an Instructable.