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can i mod a memory stick pro duo adapter (psp memory card) to instead fit a usb stick or maybe a SD card? Answered

im trying to find a way to modify a memory stick pro duo adapter to fit a standard usb stick or even a SD card. the reason for this is that i got ripped off on a online perches for a psp memory card adapter to fit for a MicroSDHC which i could use, but it instead it uses a micro M2 card, i do not own one of these, nor do i have the money to get one (tight on money), so i was looking around for the pinouts of the adapter and for USB and was hoping i could solder the like pinouts of the two to each other (do have proper soldering skill) so that when finished i could have a memory stick pro duo adapter that would adapt for a (preferred) usb stick, for my psp. any ideas?


You can find usb hubs with cards readers for many formats on ebay for relatively cheap

Just never gotten one so I dont know if they, you know, work :)

Adapter my friend... Adapter. Memory stick pro is standard for most Sony products... It's easy to find adapters for them. I have a universal memory card reader that I picked up at my local Frys for about $10. It's been a life saver for me. Once you use a card reader, you never go back to accessing your files from your device. ;)