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can i pay for someone to make an instructable for me? Answered



Me me me!

Ah, hang on what exactly do you want?

Why can't YOU do it.

How do I know you will pay or YOU know I will actually do it?

i dont need a instructable created i need the invention created

Just tell me what you want and I'll make a very reasonable price depending on the item I would say from 15$--40$ that would most likely be my price just PM me what you want or reply to this comment and tell me what you want.

i want the moose/bear repellent aka flame thrower follow this web address https://www.instructables.com/id/MooseBear-Repellent-aka-FLAME-THROWER/ and thank you for understanding me.


thats goin to be difficult let me talk to my friends and see if I can get the suplies.

all right tell me how much it would cost and i will tell you if the price is reasonable thanks alot

unfortunately i'm not goin to be able to do this one.i wish i was i would make one for me to but i cant :(

There are lots of very skilled and experienced people here BUT I doubt that any will do anything more than trivial for nothing (more then nothing means a LOT - consultancy fees may easily be in the range of £500 to £1000 per DAY)

They will do even less without a lot of up front information.

That's NOT what you said. More information needed.

You are allowed to pay anybody to do (almost) anything.

There is, however, no mechanism within the site to ensure a fair exchange for either party, and if somebody you pay does not deliver (or they deliver, but you do not pay), then there is no legal or official support the site can give.

Make sure, then, that you deal with somebody you trust before you hand over money, or personal details like your real-world name or address.

+1 I agree with Kiteman's advice, but like Rick said, why can't you write it?

He's not trying to write it he wants someone to make something for him.

If that's the case, then only some of the previous comments apply.

I would suggest that the author posts a link to the instructable and clarifies what they want someone to do (i.e. buy all the materials, make the instructable and then ship to the author)...

Also, the previous comments about dealing with someone trust worthy is important; for both parties. I personally wouldn't want to spend money to make something and then pay for shipping, only to get ripped off. Nor would this author like to shell out money from the start to get ripped off and get no instructable that's been made. The other important thing to note is Instructables would NOT be responsible for any transactions made between members, or will deal with any "dissatisfaction" if either party is unhappy.

I'm not saying that this can't be done, I just think its a bit complicated. If the author is serious, they should begin by posting more details, and suggest some price they are willing to pay (for materials and time).

Why would you possibly want to do that? What is there to gain? Are you trying to win a contest, or maybe impress the ladies? Do you mean write an instructable to post on the site or reproduce one that is already posted? You managed to write a question, you're probably capable of writing an instructable.

no im not trying to impress girls i have a girlfriend its just my mom always suspects me of doing something and saying im going to hurt myself in the process so i pay someone to do it i will be like i bought it and she cant jump down my throat

Heh, the ladies line was just a joke.

It would probably depend on what it is you want. You would need to pay for all the materials and supplies plus some extra for the effort and shipping. Some of the people who write instructables also sell kits with directions and all the parts.
At some point your mom needs to let you learn and try things even if you might get hurt. Unless you want to build something dangerous or don't have the proper tools I bet if you talked to your mom, showed her the instructable etc., she might actually let you do it.


6 years ago

As a consulting engineer capable of producing featured instructables,
I doubt a 16 yr old today new member could afford my huge ibles fee :-|)


Do yo need special instructables liability insurance for that? You know, in case they follow your directions and it all goes horribly wrong. For example " I followed your directions for sanding records to make them sound better but thought I would make it easier and less time consuming so I used my dad's belt sander and now they just make this hissing noise when I try to play them and the person who owns the record says I have to get them a new one."

I have a Canadian nickel what does that get me?

A drink of water Wednesday at Burning man ;Ð

Well then I best bring more money if I ever get down to Burning Man... (A girl can't live on water alone...) ;)

No water for me, I live on margaritas about 11 a day free too:-P
First round tickets raffle are already gone.
I didn't get one, next available are in April :-(

Now that's my idea of beating the heat... It sounds like my trip to Mexico. :)
Maybe you'll get lucky in April and get tickets then, I noticed too that the first round is over... (I still have no idea if I can make the trip there or not though). :-|

Follow rickharris' advice. Other than that...



depends what it is give me a consultation and Ill do it for free if you follow me