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can i repair a cracked touch screen? Answered

its a odd size, so finding a replacement would be difficult, so i was wondering if its possible to repair the crack in the touch layer and make it work again?
i doubt its possible but its worth a shot to ask i guess.

and if i cant repair a cracked touch screen, can i cut one to te right size?

its a pressure sensitive resistive touch screen.


I repaired a resistive screen, but I don't think you can do a capacitance one.

The resistive screens have a separate plastic layer that does the touch sensing, on a glass substrate: I glued the glass with a UV cure resin.


do you know where i can get that resin? and how exactly did you do it? did you have to seperate the layers of the touch layer?

or would something like super glue or some epoxy work? what would you reccommend?

The special UV curing glues are water clear, and I had some...., Ordinary "superglue" may well work too.


i found a model number on the touch screen but being a chinese manufcturer of course nothing will show up on google :/

i found out (after removing the touch layer) that the break is completely through all of the layers of the touch screen, except for a this plastic layer that appears to be some sort of semi flexible plastic with a sticky backing.

i attached pictures so you can see the touch screen in question.


You're in luck. That's a resistive touchscreen. Try gluing the glass.


do i apply the glue all at once? to the backside of the touch screen? thats where theres nothing covering it.
or do i have to seperate the layers of the resistive screen and repair them one by one and put it back together?

well i tried but the touch screen still isnt working..
i remembered what lemonie said, that the electrical connection goes around the perimeter of the screen, and the smaller piece was a bit floppy, i fear that the strips of whatever they are around the edges are broken and thus make the touch screen inoperative. i guess this is a thing for the parts bin until i find a touch screen from something like a ds to fiddle with.

The only thing left is to try an repair the conductive ink traces - you can buy that from an auto parts store, for fixing rear windscreens.


hey i just had a thought, since i wont be able to buy the stuff from the auto parts store very soon, would i be able to fix it by making a conductive glue and using that?

tru using a 2 part clear epoxy 5 min set stirr it up then cover the whole screen and use a pice of plastic or a sceen clener to wipe it level

Get a replacement, thin broken-glass doesn't mend easily even without touch-functions.


is it possible to resize a touch screen to the right size?
i could try a DS lite touch screen but they have a bit too much excess around the sensor strips at the edges for it to fit into my player without a lot of modificatons.

No. you have to imagine the electrical connections which you can't see. Chop a bit off and it is broken.


sorry but there isn't really away to repair the touch screen you'll just have to look for the replacement.