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can i reuse/rebuild a ps2 that cant read cds to play music from a usb drive? Answered

what i want to do is have the ps2 capable of playing music off of a USB drive, simple enough, right? maybe some visualizations, i dont really care so long as it plays music.

i want to be able to do it without having to buy anything other than flash drives (which i already have)
i can do any solder work needed to make it work, but i dont want to have to buy a ps2 hard drive caddy to be able to do it.

i am asking because i have a ps2 that cannot read cds (the laser diode is burned out and the disc loader is unstable (system vibrates when tries to read a cd) and i cant bear to just throw it away and we've already bought a replacement ps2.
this is the phat ps2.

is it possible or am i just crazy?


I would say it MIGHT be possible if you were willing to solder... but I think that if you can't solder, you are out of luck.

i can solder, no doubt about it.

ive got nothing to lose, what do you have in mind?

Sorry... I misread your statement, and thought that you can't solder. I was going to suggest the same thing that orksecurity said... I would try to replace the CD drive.

That being said, I don't really play video games, the only system that I have is a Nintendo 64, so I'm not really sure about the Play Station 2... by the way, when I originally read your question, I thought you were talking about a PS2 connection. (Keyboard/Mouse) Needless to say, that really confused me.

its okay that you misread it, i dont judge.

instead of retyping out my explanation for why a general cd drive may not work, just read my comment on orksecurity's post.

aside form that, replacing the drive wasnt really my goal since i already have a new ps2 (well, new to me) and nobody really wants to buy them anymore since the ps3 came out, unless they bought a slim ps3, that cant play ps2 games.

Gotcha... I think that you would have to re-program the firmware in order to do what you are thinking about then.

apparently not, i found a program called free mcboot (actually from a instructable where the author made a portable ps2) and you can play music using it, its just a matter of getting it installed now.

I find myself wondering whether it's possible to simply swap in a new CD player and restore the thing to full operation. Many of us have "rescued" CD drives, or junked PCs with rescuable CD drives, sitting on the shelf waiting for an application. If Sony did something odd with the drive's microcode (possibly for copy-protection reasons) a swap might not work, but you shouldn't hurt anything by trying.

Now if only Sony would work with the developer community rather than against us, and re-enable OtherOS...

it might be difficult to find a suitable drive, ive had a few of these ps2's apart (weve been through a few, all having a bad cd drive) but from what i can see, the driver board for the cd drive is integrated to the ps2's main logic board, and the connection from the laser diode assembly is thinner than in a regular cd drive, it might take a bit of research, and i wont say that its impossible (nothing is) but a ps2 disc has a different bit size or something, i remember reading on a forum about rewritable psp UMDs, and the people there were sying how the psp umd disc has a certain bit depth or something that only a umd drive can read and only a specialized sony drive can write, it might be the same case for a ps2, so if it was, then you would have to use a ps2 cd drive to replace a defective one.

i was just going to use it to play music, or if the cd drive in my slim goes out and its possible to play music off of a usb drive, make a laptop out of the slim like ben heck has done with the xboxes and ps3.
except make it totally portable by having a 8.5v battery as well, but thats only if the slim gives out.

Ah. Haven't opened one up myself; wasn't sure.