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can i talk to multiple arduinos at the same time with another arduino, in a serial format? Answered

Hello all,

I am trying to talk to multiple (say 4) microcontrollers (Arduinos) at the same time. I was wondering if i can setup a serial connection, with a selection line that can detect the neighbor Arduino and enable the corresponding pin to start the serial communication between the two. something like this:


Like what? ;)
I can't see a thing...
But there is good documentation about serial communication in the Arduino forums and help pages.

Sorry; I am not sure why did not attach. It is here now (below):

I mean multiple serial communication. Is that possible with Arduino Micro? I am not sure what pins and how many of them are available to use for serial (not master/slave) communication.

multiple serial communication.jpg

thank you, but I2C would as you know be a master/slave based protocol. I would like to have the option of interchanging the center Arduino with any of the surrounding ones. Hence wondering if a serial connection would do that? and if yes, how would i create multiple of those with one Arduino micro. Would I need some sort of shield/module for that?

Thank you very much. Sorry for the delay but I needed to investigate it a bit more. It just may be exactly what i need, since each serial connection provides power and data at the same time. However as I already have a bunch of Arduino MIcros I am hoping to implement the AltSoftSerial on them. Now I was looking into the specs and pinouts of Micro, and I cannot make certain exactly which pins are usable for AltSoftSerial. Would you happen to know this? On this link:


it mentions the pins for Leonardo and Mega. and Uno.

Do I have a chance? I need 6 simultaneous serial connections. So, a 5V bus and a GND line for all, and then 6 RX and 6 TX pins. Am I correct?



I am sorry but there is little help I can offer here as I have not done enough serial com stuff with my Arduino :(