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can i use an optical mouse (through an arduino) as a pulse oxymeter? Answered

arduino can read coordinates from a mouse, a small example is in the following link
But how could read color for using mouse as an pulse oxymeter?
More than this we could use it with optical fiber adapted to the "eye" of the mouse for intravascular measuring ScvO2 !!!???


This guy built or is building a pulse ox meter with arduino, He got the pulse part down, I dont know if he was able to get the SPO2 reading.


If you can figure out how a disposable commercial off the shelf pulse ox meter works then you should be able to interface it with arduino, problem is they are about $120 for the disposable probes and the clip ons run in the 4 to 500 range.


3 years ago

There are IR mice that could work

A mouse LED isn't going to be sufficient for that. Get an actual Pulse Sensor.


The above linked sensor had some production issues due to inadequate LEDs being used in the past. You will notice the LED on the sensor is green. A red LED isn't going to do any good in highlighting ones blood vessel for monitoring.