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can my mac play portal 2? Answered

processor name: intel core 2 duo
Processor speed :2GHz
Number Of Processors: 1
Total Number Of Cores: 2
Memory: 1 GB
Chip-set Model: ATI,RadeonHD2400

can i play portal 2 with it?


It can, but all of the graphical effects must be turned down.

i dont mind that but actually im quite happy with my laptop (toshiba satellite a-500) that i play HL2 portal 1 and HL2DM on (in a window, graphics turned down low resolution, but i dont mind that ^_^)

Actually, Portal 2 runs better for me than the original Portal.

my laptop was actually supposed to run them all on full level (4gb ram intel core 2 duo *2.2ghz* ati moblitiy radeom hd) not sure why not

Mobility Radion. To play games (on high FPS) with Effects on high you need a real Graphics Card.

ive heard the one i use is good........it has 2GB VRAM (is that good..)

It is decent for a mobile GPU. VRAM means "Fake" GRAM. In other words it is not dedicated graphics RAM, it is regular RAM that the graphics chip is making use of. My GPU has 1GB of GDDR5 GRAM, which is better than, say, 3GB of VRAM. Also the amount of RAM dedicated to the GPU does not necessarily affect gaming performance.

GRAM = Graphics RAM
VRAM = Virtual RAM

With Laptops, the GPU is somewhat relient on the CPU. Real Graphics Cards have Dedicated Cores and a Fast Core Clock, while mobility chips normally have the ability to make use of the CPUs Graphic abilities.

If I have any of this wrong please don't hesitate to correct me.

how do i know how much GRAM i have on windows 7?

You can see that in Catalyst Control Center. If you want to see if it will run you can get a good copy from skidrowgames.in , please don't keep it.

Approx. total memory: 2281 MB would be your regular RAM, this can be used as VRAM, but not GRAM. You can change the amount of RAM to be used as VRAM in BIOS.

i tried playing portal 2, it plays well!
then it shuts down :(
i lowered all the graphics ran it in a window and even put the resolution to its lowest and it still shuts down :(

i will write my pc specs:
4GB ram
2.0 GHz intel core 2 duo
ati mobility radeon hd 4650
OS:windows 7

but i dont thin this relates to my computer shutting down while playing because i have the hacked version of portal1 and it works well, i even play halo:CE running perfectly on it witn no framerate issues. (even when lts of things are exploding)

I have tested hacked games before and had your problem. If I were you, I would buy Portal 2 from steam. If it doesn't work, ask for a refund. It may also be a problem that Valve has fixed, and you need to buy the game to download the update.

I recommend buying games anyway, I don't like being (or other people being) illegal.

I feel like crying in the corner and smashing my head, my laptops charger broke
now i have to get a new one (and it was just when i bought HL2) I still didnt buy portal 2 because Im waiting for the perfect chance to stike (waiting for good price, it was 250DHS now its 212DHS*)
*:DHS is the currency in UAE

That must really stink. Maybe you could buy a desktop gaming PC instead of a new laptop charger? (I would give you a discount) :)

I just fixed it,
Got a new charger and fixed the socket (it was loose)
Im actually happy , Im playing TF2
whats annoying me now is lag, my computer is 1 METER from the router (which is 50kb/s) and it still lags unbearably, i know its not my computer because i play offline training and there are no framerate issues

It is just your slow Internet/router speeds. The same thing happens to me when I play tf2 online.

the 50kb/s is when I download from steam

I checked somewhere and it said 54mb/s internet speed

im sure its not the connection speed, whenever my sister is not using her computer, there is no lag, but when she does, i feel a boiler buring in my head because there is so much lag (even when she uses just one tab)

maybe its our router,
its a Ciso Linksys wireless-G ADSL Home gateway
im no router genius but i dont think it can take 3 computers at once

Ok, first, 54mb/s is the speed of G. Second, 50KB/s is like dial-up, so there would be lag all the time. I always reccomend N regardless. (and the router may very well be the problem, as I do not think that you have 50kb/s). Run speedtest.net to see your actual speed... Sorry it took me so long to reply.

thanks, just got a cisco linksys E2000 which is wireless-N and 16MB/S internet, still didnt try it(will try it hopefully soon

tryed speed test before i finish installing the new router and the results were
ping:16ms download:3.56MB/s upload:0.36MB/s

i think the download speed(and upload) is that slow because we installed the 16mbps on the old router, we will soon swap the old with the new, then i will tell you the results

That is still a pretty fast connection, enough to get a little bit of lag if other people on the network are using a bit (ok, more than a bit) of bandwidth. I will be interested to see if a new router solves the problem! Also, good call buying a linksys, in my opinion those are the best you can get.

at last, it decided not to lag anymore (yay!) after we installed the new router

That is great to hear! If I have been of help, could you please set one of my answers as "best answer"?

I just got portal 2, it works perfectly


thank you

im going to do that and see, the hacking was just to check if it even runs (and so it does)
can i use a retail version because steam downloads take WAY too long (almost as long as torrents, abit longer)
so will a retail version of portal 2 work or do is it only possible with the steam version

i just checked it wasnt my VRAM
it was "Approx. total memory: 2281 MB"
so i guess thats my GRAM

Mac Portal 2 requirements:

Mac System Requirements

OS: MAC OS X 10.6.6 or higher
Processor: Intel Core Duo Processor (2GHz or better)
Memory: 2GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 7.6 GB of Space
Video: ATI Radeon 2400 or higher / NVIDIA 8600M or higher

You *should* have more ram, other than that you meet the requirements...barely. For the cost of a stick of ram for a mac you could buy an entire high end pc gaming rig ;)

if you read here http://www.game-debate.com/games/index.php?g_id=979&game=Portal%202 (bottom of the page) it says that the minimum ram is 1GB, is this reliable?

You can convince yourself all you want - my data is from the valve website. Try. If it doesn't work, then get more ram.

i got the windows version and installed it using a crossover program then it played the intro (guy with valve on his head) then it says "powered by source" (with a bunch of copy right stuff under it and then its stuck there!

I can't begin to exclaim how bad of an idea I think that is. If you want to game on a mac, get the mac version. Porting something will make a program need MORE resources.

i got it from a torrent....

also i gave up on my mac and moving on to my laptop, i checked a trusted site ( http://www.yougamers.com/gameometer/10445/ ) and it was shocking, it could play it! sadly i have to remove dust from it from the inside to play, later i might even be playing assasins creed brother hood :)

If you're going to pirate it, then it doesn't matter your system specs - just try and if it doesn't work it doesn't work.

Depends on your EXACT system - some have room to fit one more slot (my computer has 2 slots so I can have 2x2gb sticks
if you're already using 2x512mb then you can't upgrade without just changing out the parts. I don't even know on a mac how to look what you have installed. So...maybe!

on your first comment you said "a stick of ram for a mac" so are there special ram sticks for mac?

and also you said " you *should* have more ram" so does that mean i can play it?

I believe macs use their own special ram just to be different, and charge you about 5x for it. As has already been said, it depends on the configuration, whether its 2x1gb or 1x2gb with 1 free. Also, macs don't actually need much more than 2gb ram. Possibly for gaming, but just doing basic things on OSX like word processing or browsing the web shouldn't use more than 256k.

i remember i saw a video with someone adding ram to his imac, he used 2X4GB 200 pin DDR2 ram and have the same computer,

i think i,ll open the my imacs ram slot and look at the tag on the ram

That is a great place to start - find out what you have, how many slots, etc.

can i still play it on the lowest setting?

but can i still play it with this much ram?