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can someone help me implement the Australia Post DRC postage calculator into my website? Answered


i am starting up an online store , on behalf of yowee.tk , where i or rather "we", will sell things to raise money for the community vault!

so far ive had no issues with building my the store into my website, however, now that i am up to writting up the listings, i need a template to copy off which each listing for each item will reside.
each items page must show the price of the product, and the shipping cost .

now heres where the problem starts

i have no idea on how to implement the postage calculator from australia post, into the template, so that all items pages display the shipping cost depending on thebuyers location, so that anyone anywhere can buy from the site, and not just people within australia, and areas i need to pre-research the shipping price for, which will become inconvenient as the site grows.

there are instructions for doing this on this link http://drc.edeliver.com.au
however, i dont know how to put this into my website, or how it works, as it requires a substantial amount of coding.

what i need to know, is how to , using the provided code ,set the variable which is being set as the value of a text box within a form, to the shipping price of that area, when i click a button, also in that form, but not have it leave the page.
although, i dont want some variables to be accessable by the person browsing the page, such as the weight, which i want to be able to alter within the source code of my hmtl file.
all i want the buyer to be able to do is select their location, press a button, and have the shipping rates to that place appear in the text box.
the shipping calculator is the only thing missing from my website.

whoever can solve my problem will get a best answer from me!


I would suggest that you start by doing all business via e-mail.
When you can't cope, put an out of office-reply on that says "sorry we are unable to take orders via e-mail, please check our website for the new payment form we will have shortly". Then pay someone to do it for you. (or figure out how to do it yourself before that happens)


Thats what i am doing, however, people dont want to have to wait a day or 2 to find out what shipping is to their location, plus, if i were to do all this manually, i would need to search every possible weight from 25g -3kg over different services to all the main english countries, consisting of australia, USA, UK, Europe,NewZealand, Canada and china.

and thats still heaps, but what happens if some one in brazil or russia or somewhere else wants to buy something, or i start getting more buyers from that area, then i have to update the code for each listing, and this goes on and on!

I hate websites like bargainmart.com.au that are so lazy that they just put up the maximum possible shipping price, that doesnt matter even if its being sent down the street 5 blocks away!

the more convenient a website, the more attractive it becomes to potential customers.

as soon as i can get an international shipping calculator, i am going to try and make a paypal payment form so that i dont even need to do all this by email!

I assume you have a choice of courier, can you just point to their websites saying "I ship with these (links) people at standard rate" or something?


my site is all about not using courier services, as to send stuff out of my state, costs $60, which is rather unnecesary.

i know there is a courier calculator for a australian courier service, but i dont want to use it to sell stuff being charged for under $5.

also, i still wouldnt do that, i want buyers to be able to view complete prices there and then, and not need to go to another site to get quotes.

Courier / postage same thing. I meant for you not to try to replicate data on other sites when you can say "standard shipping / freight / postage" (look up current rates yourself)


. Are you using PHP or Cold Fusion?

Neither, im using javascript.
the program im using to make this site and code it , im building in dreamweaver cs4.

though i believe that i can link php applications to my html file in a similar way to external javascript files and css files.

but my website does support php if thats what your asking

. I misread your last sentence. Since you have PHP available, I suggest following the example given at your link in the OP.

.  As far as I could tell, the only examples given are in PHP and CF.
.  If your web host doesn't provide PHP, you need to find another host. If you are running your own server, I suggest looking at changing to XAMPP (or a similar package that includes PHP).