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can someone make me something 3d printed? Answered

I am a fan of halo, and i have read most of the books, my recent one (halo glasslands) has a puzzle called "arum" the objective is to line up the layers of the sphere in order and get the ball that's inside (the picture below) I wanted to make this myself but i don't have a 3D printer (I would love one, but I don't have that kind of money) I know that there are other ways of making this but they aren't as nice. I don't know what else it looks like but in the picture below, or its dimensions, the sizes that I would like is between a softball or a ping pong ball(5" to about 1&1/2") the color does not matter,

I'm asking anyone who has a 3D printer to make this for me and I'm willing to pay if you want to be payed.

thanks Ian.


I have removed the picture until I have given permission to use it.

A trivial Google search ("halo arum 3d printing") found the original article. The person who made that drawing made it pretty clear they don't want other people reproducing without permission (hint hint).

You should probably contact the author and ask if you can compensate them for getting a 3d printed version.

sorry but no, i like puzzles more than model cars