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can someone recomend a good asult riffle witch use a moderate amount of parts has a good range and uses no cut parts? Answered

hi and by the way can you find a gun with all the qualites above and the creator of the weapon dosnt mind my making and posting a tactical. and could you make a link if you can . and one last thing preflibly an asult riffle




Best Answer 8 years ago

Killerk's TR18
Zak's ZKARv2

My top 3 Recommendations. The BAW is simple and compact with removable magazines. The TR has a high cap and range with easy front loading though rather basic looking. The ZKAR has a bolt action mechanism for easy cocking and decent range though it's harder to load and uses more pieces. If you want something mostly for a war weapon then the TR is the way to go. If you have the pieces to spare and like the effects of it then go with the ZKAR. If you want something easy to mod and also pretty fun to mess around with then go with the BAW.
There are other good guns too. Those were just the top three off the top of my head.

thanks im going to build the baw do you mind if i use it as a platform to post some atchments. and the zaks zkarv2 hyperlink dosnt work

Go ahead. And I thought it worked last I checked. Maybe it's just not loading properly. Oh well I forgot about the cut Y piece in it. At the time I was figuring though it could probably be replaced by some other sort of collection of pieces to make a bullet lock but I didn't know if you could figure something out.

thanks it should be done by july in british time dont ask well you can but it would just be a long boring and overall unesicarouir path

Uhhh the ZKARv2 uses a cut Y connector.

it would have rails camrae holders for filming noob tubes scopes you now that sort of thing

Who needs those things in a war?  Noob tubes are basically block triggers on the bottom of a regular gun.  A knex scope is inaccurate in the fact that it aims higher than the barrel.  Use an ironsight instead of a scope.

actuly i have designed a block triger noob tube and scopes are awsome to look at and good for sniper models aswel

Nobody needs knex noob tubes (noob tubes are what noobs build) and knex scopes.  If they were real that would be different.